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Play Packs and Individual Walks

Bermuda Pet Sitters play pack outings are our most popular service for exercise, socializing and training. Play packs range from two to eight dogs carefully screened and introduced to one another by B.P.S. Owner, Fabian Minors. Our pack walks are $45/walk and last from 1 to 4 hours depending on the walker's schedule and where the pack goes for its outing. Dogs tend to join a specific play pack and see their friends regularly. The outings vary to prevent boredom and give the dogs a chance to explore the island. Play packs romp on the beach during the off-season, take hikes, venture on long railway trail walks, and have play times in large enclosed yards. B.P.S. staff also provide appropriate human leadership and training for the play pack. Individual walks for single dogs are available for $55 walk for a 1 to 1½ hour session. Multiple dog discounts are available.

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