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New clients, please complete our new client form. Existing clients may request reservations here.


Our fees for dog day care at our Devonshire location are $40 for a half-day of 4 hours and $50 for a full day of 4-8 hours. Pick up and drop off is available for an additional fee of $5 to $10 each way depending on your location.

If you should need overnight boarding, our rate is $70/night for neutered/spayed dogs and $75/night for intact dogs. We offer a discount for "siblings" boarding together. Please note our boarding is limited and preference is given to our monthly clients. Our boarding rate is subject to change for those dogs whose temperament prevents group interaction and requires separate boarding and individual walks/exercise. On Bermuda public holidays, our rate for the day/night is double. We are also available to pick up and/or drop off boarding clients and our rate for either service is $20-$25, depending upon your Parish. To make a reservation for your dog, please contact us here.


We are open for day care arrivals between 8:00 am and 10:00 am. We can make arrangements to meet arrivals in the afternoon for half-day dog day care as well. We are open for picking up dogs until 6:00pm. Later picks-ups may be arranged, but please note that after our day ends at 6:30pm, a late pick-up fee will apply.

Dog Assessment

Because we are a no cage facility, we met our boarding dogs in advance to assess their temperament and socialization. We invite you to visit our facility with your pet. Dogs of all shapes and sizes and ages stay with us - the little dogs with big personalities and the big dogs with little personalities all find their place at the Bed & Biscuit.

Bed and Biscuit Reservations, Rates, and Details

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