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Our Approach

Owner Fabian Minors began Bermuda Pet Sitters in 1996 to pursue his passion for dog care and training. Since that time, Bermuda Pet Sitters has provided responsible care to hundreds of beloved family pets. As a distinctly professional service, we understand that your pet is a treasured member of your family, deserving of high-quality care, attentive supervision, and careful safeguarding. We are a fully-insured and registered business.

Fabian was a Bermuda Police Officer for 13 years and an animal warden for 3 years. He was a board member for the Bermuda Dog Training Club for 18 years and is still an active member of the club. Needless to say he is a dog-lover and a skilled trainer, with proven dog pack handling skills and awards in competition obedience and agility.

We strive to make Bermuda's pets and their owners happy!

Our work is supported by these core principles:

We love dogs. We love walking and playing with dogs - and even more, we place your dog's safety and happiness first using proven pack handling skills. We love pet owners. We know the best thing we can give pet owners is sanity and peace of mind. We emphasize customer service and communication to make your life easier. We love our work. Even on the rainy days, our clients greet us with grateful wags and barks and are ALWAYS happy we arrived! We take pride in offering high-quality care based on a proven dog pack handling approach, combined with superior convenience and service.

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